Natural Insulation such as sheeps wool, Hemp, Cellulose and wood fibre can be used to improve the energy efficiency of a house, for both the underfloor and the roof. In addition cavity all insulation protects from the outside elements.

Solar Roof tiles

In-Pipe Hydro & microhydro





In-pipe hydroelectricity, turning excess energy systems into electrical energy. As well as building microhydro schemes from flowing rivers or streams to produce energy.

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Triple or double glazing


Shallow Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) use the heat stored in the soil to heat or cool building. This can be used in addition to solar power to heat your home.


Triple or Double glazing protects the house from drafts, preventing the warmth of the house being lost through the doors and windows.


Using Solar panels to convert the suns energy into electricity. The energy generated during the day is stored in batteries to be utilized during the evening. Any excess is exported to the grid

Geothermal Heat source


Biogas can be generated from organic material such as food waste, compost and pet excrement. The methane generated can be used to cook or put in a gas engine  lawn mower, or converted to electricity, 

Powering the park - renewable energy